The most populated areas of Swain County include Bryson City, Cherokee, Nantahala, Whittier, Almond and Alarka. There are other communities and developments in the area but are not as densely populated. A large number of residents of Swain County will be soon turning 65 or have already turned 65. These means they are likely looking for the best 2017 medigap or medicare supplement rates for their current situation.

As technology advances, it is now easier than ever to do research on a computer, laptop, iPad or tablet. In fact, some are using their iPhone or Android smartphone to find the lowest possible medigap and medicare supplement rates in their county of North Carolina.

For a frame or reference, here are the price ranges for the different policies in Swain County, North Carolina:

  • Policy A – $77 – $218
  • Policy B – $114 – $249
  • Policy C – $135 – $283
  • Policy D – $119 – $214
  • Policy F – $127 – $238
  • Policy F Highly Deductible – $26 – $80
  • Policy G – $94 – $209
  • Policy K – $46 – $97
  • Policy L – $78 – $136
  • Policy M – $104 – $157
  • Policy N – $84 – $218

Some of the insurance companies that offer plans in Swain County include Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina, American Continental, American Republic, Bankers Fidelity, Cigna, Loyal America, Manhattan Life, Medico, New Era and Old Surety. If you are looking for a specific insurance company that offers medigap or medicare supplement options in Swain County, North Carolina, please comment below so we can assist you in finding the plan you are looking for.

All Medigap policies must cover a basic set of benefits. These basic benefits include most Medicare Part A and B coinsurance amounts, blood, and additional hospital benefits not covered by Original Medicare.

  • Part A Hospital Coinsurance
    • Days 61-90 of a hospital stay in each Medicare benefit period
    • Days 91-150 of a hospital stay. Medicare will only pay for these 60 days once during your lifetime
  • Additional Part A Hospital Benefits
    • An extra 365 days of inpatient hospital care after you use your Original Medicare hospital benefits
  • Part B Coinsurance
    • Pays Full or Partial Coverage for the Part B coinsurance after you meet your annual deductible.*
  • Pays Full or Partial Coverage for the first three pints of blood per calendar year.
  • Part A Hospice Coinsurance
    • Pays for coverage of certain “Medicare covered” Part B drugs obtained in a doctor’s office, pharmacy or in a hospital outpatient setting and inpatient respite care coinsurance.

When seeking the lowest possible 2017 medigap rates, remember there are options for you. Do not feel as if there is only one insurance agency that will help you with a policy. Comment below with any questions or concerns you may have.