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Health Insurance Agency in Cary, North Carolina

With more and more North Carolinians turning 65, many Cary, residents are looking at medicare supplement or medigap options.  When looking for the best health insurance agency in Cary, North Carolina look no further than The MAIR Agency located at 112 Towerview Ct. Cary, NC 27513. You can call them at 919-459-2683.

You cannot beat the customer service of this BCBSNC insurance agency as they are willing to go above and beyond to make certain you have the coverage you need. We have had great experiences with The MAIR Agency and would suggest them to anyone looking for medicare supplements, medicare part A or B, medicare advantage or any type of insurance coverage.

Note that The MAIR Agency does not focus solely on medicare and senior coverage. They also offer Family and Individual Coverage for those between the ages of 27 and 63. You should never feel as if you are at a loss when it comes to knowledge and education related to health insurance. The agents and staff at The MAIR Agency will go out of their way to explain all options to you. You don’t have to worry about fighting any computer systems or having to wait on hold for hours in hopes of getting to speak to a BCBSNC representative or some other health insurance agent.

Whether you live in Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill or one of the surrounding towns, we can assure you that an agent from The MAIR Agency will be willing to meet you at your convenience. Note that the monthly cost of insurance will vary depending on your age and other factors including your health. That said, The MAIR Agency will assist those in Wake, Orange, Chatham, Durham, Johnston and surrounding counties. Do not hesitate to give them a call today at 919-459-2683.

Medicare Supplement Plans in NC in 2018

If you are seeking a medicare supplement plan or medigap coverage in North Carolina contact The MAIR Agency at 919-459-2683. They have the best insurance agency customer service in the entire state.

There are millions of North Carolina residents that will be looking for medicare supplement plans during the year 2017. Within six (6) months of turning 65 North Carolina residents have the opportunity to sign up for a medicare supplement of medigap plan. This is also a time in which you can sign up without any medical underwriting.

Some of the companies that offer medicare supplement plans in North Carolina include:

Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina

AARP HealthCare Options (United Healthcare Insurance Company)
Aetna Life Insurance Co
American Continental Insurance Company
American Republic Corp. Ins.
American Republic Insurance Company/United Savers Association
American Retirement Life Insurance
Americo Financial Life & Annuity Insurance Company
Bankers Fidelity Life Insurance Co
Central States Indemnity Co. of Omaha
CIGNA Health and Life Insurance
Colonial Penn Life Insurance Co (formerly Conseco Direct Life Insurance Co)
Combined Insurance Company of America
Constitution Life Insurance Company
Coventry Health & Life Ins Co
Equitable Life & Casualty Insurance Co
First Health Life and Health Insurance Company
Forethought Life Insurance Company
Gerber Life Insurance Co
Globe Life & Accident Insurance Company
Governmental Personnel Mutual Life Insurance Company
Humana Healthy Living (dba Humana Insurance Company)
Humana Insurance Company
Individual Assurance Company, Life, Health and Accident
Liberty National Life Insurance Co
Loyal American Life Insurance Company
Manhattan Life Insurance Company
Medico Corp Life Insurance Company
Mutual of Omaha Insurance Company
New Era Life Insurance Companies
Old Surety Life Insurance Co
Order of United Commercial Travelers of America
Oxford Life Insurance Company
Physicians Mutual Insurance Co
Reserve National Insurance Company
Sentinel Security Life Insurance Company
Standard Life and Accident Insurance Company
Standard Life and Casualty
State Farm Mutual Auto Insurance Co
State Mutual Insurance Co
Sterling Life Insurance Co
Thrivent Financial for Lutherans
Transamerica Life Insurance Company (formerly PFL Life Insurance Company)
Unified Life Insurance Company
United American Insurance Co
United of Omaha Life Insurance Company
USAA Life Insurance Co
World Insurance Co

The costs are going to vary based upon your age. The numbers or prices change every year so do not assume the data you found in 2014 or 2015 will be the same for 2017 or 2018.

Below are some of the policy prices we were able to find for the state of North Carolina:

  • Policy A – $77 – $218
  • Policy B – $114 – $249
  • Policy C – $135 – $283
  • Policy D – $119 – $214
  • Policy F – $127 – $238
  • Policy F Highly Deductible – $26 – $80
  • Policy G – $94 – $209
  • Policy K – $46 – $97
  • Policy L – $78 – $136
  • Policy M – $104 – $157
  • Policy N – $84 – $218

If you have any questions about medicare supplement plans or an agency or agent in your area, please comment below and let us know what you are looking for. We will do our best to help you find the best possible rates in combination with the best service from an agent or agency.

North Carolina Retired State Employees 2017 Healthcare Options

Best Option for Retired State of North Carolina Employees

  • “Don’t Give Up Your Valuable Blue Card”
  • BCBS provides you access to the best specialists WORLD-WIDE

Below is the option the state DOESN’T tell you about

  • Many years ago you were promised the same health care coverage you had while working — when you retire. Along came the state budget crisis and your employer discovered a way to use your medicare coverage to greatly reduce THEIR cost of your insurance. They get you to sign up for Medicare Advantage through their sponsored plan and they get to pay a very small fraction of the cost of premiums for you than they paid for your valuable BCBS coverage.
  • Yes, it lowered your doctor and ER copays, but you LOST that International Blue Network. The one you may someday wish you had should you desire to travel to that world reknown specialist.
  • Below are the facts:
    • You sign up for their Medicare Advantage sponsored plan, you LOSE the Blue Card.
    • FACT: You can enroll in Medicare Advantage at zero monthly cost to you by doing it directly with a certified agent with BCBS. The results are that you get the lower co-pays to doctors, ER, UC, etc. When signing up for Medicare Advantage yourself through BCBS, you still get to elect to keep your valuable 70/30 plan through BCBS from your employer — The state of NC.
    • At claims time for network doctors in your state, you get the lower co-pays using your Medicare Advantage plan. Should you desire to go to that specialist at a specialty hospital in another state (or anywhere) to treat that rare condition you developed, you still have your Blue Card and can!

You worked hard for 20/30/40 years. You thought you would have BCBS with affordable co-pays when you retired. You can still have both! Yes, you can have your cake and eat it too!

Contact your BCBS Agent and let us provide the clear details

  • To Summarize: When you turn age 65, you must make your election with the state of NC at least one month before the month you turn 65. You can choose to keep your BCBS 70/30 plan and have the valuable international network you have had for many years. You can then contact a BCBS agent and enroll in Medicare Advantage. This will give you similar lower co-pays to Doctors, ER, UC, etc, that the Medicare Advantage plan which the state does is offering you.
    • The Results: You get to keep your BCBS through the state at NO monthly premium and you get Medicare Advantage through BCBS at NO monthly premium
  • Contact a Medicare agent with BCBS to provide you with more in-depth details.

Financial Benefits of Medicare Advantage vs Medicare Supplements


If an Insurance Agent advises you against Medicare Advantage (Part C) in favor of a Medicare Supplement plan, ask that agent → “Are you certified by CMS to offer Medicare Advantage?” You will probably be surprised to find out, it is quite rare that an agent certified to explain both types of coverage will ever make such an assertion. Why? When all the facts and numbers are considered, Medicare Advantage is almost ALWAYS a better value for most people. We will unbiasedly explain:

Rates — Rates go up with age and can increase with inflation — Rates can only increase with inflation. Rates are the SAME for ALL ages.
Network — All Providers that accept Medicare — All major hospitals

— Most Specialists

— 85% of all Primaries (PPO available to pay out of network)

Out of Pockets — Differ from plan to plan

— Generally less than Medicare Advantage

— Much higher premiums

— Rx plans must be purchased separately

— Modest co-pays to doctors, specialists, ER

— Maximum limits OOP hospital

— Includes Rx plan, no extra premium

— Maximum yearly OOP

Yearly Generalized Illustration

AGE 65 Medicare Supplement F w/ Separate Rx Plan Medicare Advantage w/ Rx
Average Premium — Rx plan = $200/mo

     – Rates go up yearly

— $2400/year

— Rx plan = $76/mo

— $912/year

3  Day Hospital Stay $0 $300-$1200*
Physical $0 $0
Extra Doctor Visits $0 $25 co-pay x2 = $50
ER Visit $0 $75
Lab Work $0 (Neg rate 20%) = $150 (estimated)
Total $2600 $2087

*A hospital stay is, on average, between $300 and $1800 (maximum) with an average of $900. Note that the maximum billed stay is six (6) days.

The above is a very simple illustration. The financial facts to consider are these:

  • If one researches, the average stay in a hospital is 3 days. The average person is not going to have multiple hospital stays every year. If one considers the above illustration, one would have to have more than one hospital stay every year for a medicare supplement to be a better value.
  • Rates will begin going up by age the next year with a Medicare Supplement plan. By age 70, most will be paying $3000-$4000 per year for a Medicare Supplement plan and prescription drug plan. The Medicare Advantage plan NEVER goes up because of age. By age 70, one could be saving $3000 a year in premiums if a Medicare Advantage plan were chosen. In doing the math, one would have to stay in the hospital for an average 3 day stay 3 or more times A YEAR for the Medicare Supplement to be the better value.
  • If a Husband and Wife were to choose the same Medicare Advantage plan, combined you would need 6 or more hospital stays A YEAR. This is unlikely to happen any year, much less every year.

What is I have a really serious hospital stay? Such as a transplant putting me in the hospital for a month?

  • The average plan will not exceed $2000 in cost to you. A little more number crunching, but suffice to say most of us will never have major catastrophic stays every year. An expert can help you crunch the numbers and assist in the best choice for you.


  • The above illustration is not meant to say that Medicare Advantage is always better than Medicare Supplements for all people. It does suggest that many times, and I will say MOST of the time, the best financial plan is not chosen.
  • To some degree culture has fooled us into believing that 100% health coverage is best. We become at greater risk to have a car accident as we get older (sight, reflexes), yet we do not pay for 100% auto insurance. The same can be said about homeowners.
  • The facts are clear when reviewed thoroughly → a cost sharing plan with out of pocket maximums protected → is almost ALWAYS a better financial value.

Call a qualified medicare agent today!

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