Residents in the state of North Carolina have reported they have been getting called and left voicemails by the number 919-459-2683. Some have reached out to us asking if this is a trustworthy number calling them. We have learned that this is a phone number for The MAIR Agency offering to assist those looking for healthcare options. If you have received a voicemail from the phone number 919-459-2683, you can feel confident that when you call back, you will be speaking to a real insurance agent that is looking out for your best needs.

Over the last few years we have all received voicemails without even getting a phone call. This may have been the case with you. Part of this is the network you are on, part of it is the phone you are using and part of it is simply technology. Either way, feel confident that you have nothing to fear when it comes to receiving a voicemail even if your phone did not ring with the number 919-459-2683.

While open enrollment doesn’t begin until November 1st, 2017, now is the time to get ahead and choose which health insurance plan is right for you. The agents at The MAIR Agency offer amazing advice and even better customer service. If you have sought out policies or plans through Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina, we cannot recommend The MAIR Agency enough.

Comment below if you have any questions as it relates to healthcare policies or getting an affordable rate on your plan.