If you are in the state of North Carolina you may have received a phone call and voicemail from the phone number 919-459-2687. We have received a number of inquiries asking why an insurance company or insurance agency is leaving a voicemail. Some want to know if this is real or just spam to get you to sign up for something. We have found that this is a real number and it is The MAIR Agency contacting you to assist you in getting the best possible healthcare plan.

If you are getting medicare in North Carolina and are seeking an insurance plan to suit your needs, The MAIR Agency is the best option. After returning the phone call regarding the voicemail, they treated us very well and we were able to determine which policy was the best for our needs. Note that just because a policy or plan is the lowest price, it does not mean it is the best plan for you.

The MAIR Agency has a group of amazing agents that will help you specifically. They will do their best to find a Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina policy that coverages exactly what you are looking for. Even though open enrollment does not begin until November 1st, 2017 it is still smart to stay ahead and know what you want so when open enrollment begins you do not get caught up in the madness.

If you have any questions related to this phone number calling you or getting the best health insurance policy in North Carolina, do not hesitate to comment below.