If you are looking for the best medicare supplement plan in Durham we suggest contacting The MAIR Agency today at 919-459-2683. They have insurance agents that can help you find the exact plan and policy you are looking for. They also offer some of the best customer service in the entire state of North Carolina.

Finding an insurance provider such as Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina (BCBSNC) that offers full pricing details can be difficult. There will be estimates online but most will struggling to figure out exactly how to sign up for those polices and monthly payments. Instead of having to fight the battle of using difficult websites, check out The MAIR Agency page or give them a phone call.

If you are looking for all the insurance companies that provide medigap or medicare supplement rates in Durham, North Carolina here is a list:

Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina

AARP HealthCare Options (United Healthcare Insurance Company)
Aetna Life Insurance Co
American Continental Insurance Company
American Republic Corp. Ins.
American Republic Insurance Company/United Savers Association
American Retirement Life Insurance
Americo Financial Life & Annuity Insurance Company
Bankers Fidelity Life Insurance Co
Central States Indemnity Co. of Omaha
CIGNA Health and Life Insurance
Colonial Penn Life Insurance Co (formerly Conseco Direct Life Insurance Co)
Combined Insurance Company of America
Constitution Life Insurance Company
Coventry Health & Life Ins Co
Equitable Life & Casualty Insurance Co
First Health Life and Health Insurance Company
Forethought Life Insurance Company
Gerber Life Insurance Co
Globe Life & Accident Insurance Company
Governmental Personnel Mutual Life Insurance Company
Humana Healthy Living (dba Humana Insurance Company)
Humana Insurance Company
Individual Assurance Company, Life, Health and Accident
Liberty National Life Insurance Co
Loyal American Life Insurance Company
Manhattan Life Insurance Company
Medico Corp Life Insurance Company
Mutual of Omaha Insurance Company
New Era Life Insurance Companies
Old Surety Life Insurance Co
Order of United Commercial Travelers of America
Oxford Life Insurance Company
Physicians Mutual Insurance Co
Reserve National Insurance Company
Sentinel Security Life Insurance Company
Standard Life and Accident Insurance Company
Standard Life and Casualty
State Farm Mutual Auto Insurance Co
State Mutual Insurance Co
Sterling Life Insurance Co
Thrivent Financial for Lutherans
Transamerica Life Insurance Company (formerly PFL Life Insurance Company)
Unified Life Insurance Company
United American Insurance Co
United of Omaha Life Insurance Company
USAA Life Insurance Co
World Insurance Co

Also note that there are a number of different policies that range in price. Just because there is a policy that is the lowest price, it does not mean it is the best policy for you. Here are a few price ranges you are likely going to find when it comes to 2018 medicare supplement and medigap rates:

  • Policy A – $77 – $218
  • Policy B – $114 – $249
  • Policy C – $135 – $283
  • Policy D – $119 – $214
  • Policy F – $127 – $238
  • Policy F Highly Deductible – $26 – $80
  • Policy G – $94 – $209
  • Policy K – $46 – $97
  • Policy L – $78 – $136
  • Policy M – $104 – $157
  • Policy N – $84 – $218