When looking for dental insurance over the age of 65, there are a number of options available in the state of North Carolina. One of the best plans is the Dental Blue for Seniors Plan at Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina. This dental plan will allow you to save money on the more expensive dental procedures. As we age, we end up spending a lot more money at a dentist’s office.

In the earlier stages of life, we spend money at specialists such as a endodontist (root canal), oral surgeon or orthodontist.  We once cared about the whiteness and straightness of our teeth, but as a senior we care about the functionality of our teeth. Possibly we need dentures? Maybe a few teeth need to be pulled because the roots are exposed and it is extremely painful. It could be that most of our teeth have cavities and anything cold is tough to swallow, literally.

The BCBSNC Dental Blue plan will allow you to go to the dentist with a much happier mindset knowing you aren’t going to drop $2000 or $3000 on another issue that has arisen in the last several months. Note that this type of plan does not include all members of your family including children and grandchildren. This type of dental plan is more focused on you. There is a family and individual Dental Blue plan but this is not the senior plan.

When shopping around for the best possible rates it doesn’t hurt to call multiple insurance companies in North Carolina. With open enrollment coming up soon, it would be smart to shop for a dental plan while you are searching for your medicare plan. You will likely find that the insurance company that provides Medicare Part A and Part B also provides some type of dental insurance.

If you are looking for a specific insurance company that provides senior dental health insurance in North Carolina comment below and we will help you find what you are looking for.