If you reside in the state of North Carolina and are looking to adjust your Medicare Advantage Plan you have an Annual Enrollment Period (AEP) in which to do so. This period is from October 15th through December 7th. Note that this is the time you can switch from a Medicare Advantage Plan that offers drug coverage to a Medicare Advantage Plan that doesn’t offer drug coverage. Contact the MAIR Agency today for assistance when it comes to switching these types of Medicare Advantage plans. You can contact them at 919-459-2683.

It can be very confusing when it comes to figuring out which Medicare plan is correct for your current situation. Is Part A & Part B the best choice? Should you consider Medicare Advantage? What about Medicare Supplements or Medigap? Allow the experienced agents at the MAIR Agency to help you decide which plan is correct for you. Contact them today to get a rate quote and discuss any questions or concerns you may have.